Do you like helping others?
Do you want to visit disaster-affected areas
and learn how you can take action?

The HANDs! Project provides an opportunity for you
to first learn about disaster education programs,
and then create your own, for a better future in Asia.

We are looking for people in Asia, where natural disasters are common, to become part of the "Hope and Dreams (HANDs!)" of others.

We believe that you can be a powerful agent for change in society. Your knowledge, your experiences, and your passion - all of these will enrich the local community.

"I can do something. I must do something."
If your heart tells you so, then, welcome!
The HANDs! Project calls on you to join.
Working with our program, you will become the one
who can change the future.

The HANDs! Project is a human resource development program sponsored by the Japan Foundation Asia Center. The Project was created as a place for mutual learning, sharing knowledge, and cooperating to solve problems for disaster prevention and support for disaster-affected areas, primarily in Asian countries.

Currently, youth with a strong interest in disaster prevention are selected once a year from nine countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, and Japan for training. By our target date of 2020, we will produce many new leaders who will cultivate disaster prevention and support activities for disaster-affected areas in the Asian region and build a network that transcends national borders.

Content of HANDs! Project Activities

  1. The Fellows visit areas affected
    by disaster as part of a study tour.

  2. Fellows are called on to examine the
    situation from numerous standpoints
    in order to devise ideas.

  3. Fellows create action plans.

  4. Carry out activities to implement
    those plans.

    • *Support is provided by the Japan Foundation.

The large ship washed up by Tunami in Leyte Island Philippines.

  1. 1
    Take a creative approach to issues.

    The HANDs! Project prizes new, innovative ideas.
    It is the unique ideas which inspire people that are truly worth doing.

  2. 2
    Share goals from numerous
    standpoints to ensure activities
    take root in the community.

    To prevent projects from having only short-term effects, it is important that the ideas of the participants match well with the needs of the community. Therefore, we consider an approach that clarifies the roles of all participants so that the activities can be cultivated and developed in a natural way.

  3. 3
    Give people hope and dreams.

    The name HANDs! stands for “Hope and Dreams”. The Fellows become aware that their very presence brings “hope and dreams” to people, enabling them to always think and behave in a way to bring “hope and dreams” to as many people as possible.

The HANDs! PROJECT believes that “Wind, Water, and Soil”
each have instrumental roles to play.

  • Wind-type Person

    The bringer of the seed of new inspiration from outside the local area. Impacts the land they have come to, and creates the impetus for new activity. Artists, architects, designers, and other creative types number among their ranks.

  • Water-type Person

    The mediator between Wind and Soil. Pinpoints the “Wind” that best suits the “Soil” in the local area, and supports them both in working towards a shared goal.

  • Soil-type Person

    The resident of the local area. Brings to light the things that are necessary for themselves, and prepares the land to welcome the seed. They are the local population, people from disaster-affected areas, PTA members and other community representatives.

  • Hirokazu Nagata
    Chair of the NPO Plus Arts.
    General Adviser.
  • Prof. Ikaputra
    Indonesian architect.
    Country adviser for Indonesia.
  • Ruttikorn Vuttikorn
    Game designer
    involved in disaster
    prevention measures
    in Thailand.
    Country adviser for Thailand.
  • Matt Grasser
    CEO of LDLN.
    Country adviser for the Philippines.
    [For 2014 to 2015]
  • Terri Jayme-Mora
    Ashoka Philippines
    Country Manager
    Country adviser for the Philippines.
    [For 2016]
  • Dr. Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya
    Country adviser for India.
    [For 2014 to 2015]
  • Sudarshan Rodriguez
    Country adviser for India.
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Senior Programme Co-ordinator
    [For 2015 to 2016]

Fellows visited a studio of traditional craftsman located in Mt. Merapi disaster-stricken area in Indonesia.

  • India
    Saswata Sanyal
    Saswata Sanyal is currently enrolled as a PhD. Candidate in the Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management Field of Study. His research area is Social Capital and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Sundarbans area of India.
  • India
    Muthu Kumaran
    Muthu Kumaran is a developmental professional and community volunteer. A community GIS trainer by profession who works on integrating science and technological tools and techniques along with humanities and social sciences.
  • Indonesia
    Annisa Fauziah
    Annisa Fauziah is currently helping a social enterprise, focusing on up cycled products to support organizations who aim to protect Indonesia's forest in Bali Indonesia. She is interested in marketing, sustainability, and education.
  • Indonesia
    Dian Asih Lestari
    Dian Asih Lestari is a creative activities. She is fascinated by the advantages of culture and creative beyond the economic and industrial scope, especially how those things could be beneficial for marginilized people and disadvantaged regions.
  • Indonesia
    Lintang Rembulan
    Lintang Rembulan is a young community architect who chooses working with urban poor and marginalized community, especially in Solo. As of now, she is working with Kali Pepe river side community in Solo City, through slum upgrading national program.
  • Indonesia
    Ni Luh Widiantari
    Ni Luh Widiantari has high passion on health and environmental issues, and loves social works. She is a researcher and assistant lecturer focusing on post-disaster health economic and health.
  • Indonesia
    Pratitou Arafat
    Pratitou Arafat is a community architect and designer in Aceh, North Sumatra. He belong to International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) and he is helping local communities with his skills and knowledges.
  • Japan
    Misaki Tanaka
    Misaki Tanaka established NPO Bosai Girl in 2013. NPO is developing disaster preparedness items, evacuation drill using GPS, collaborating with 120 members of female volunteers.
  • Japan
    Shouta Sakurai
    Shota Sakurai is from Fukushima Prefecture where devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. After that, he got scholarship to go to Philippines and is working for NGO and conducting Disaster Risk Reduction leadership training.
  • Japan
    Natsumi Itoya
    Natsumi Itoya worked as a science teacher at high school for three years. Now she is researching Regional Comparative Study about Disaster Preparedness (Earthquake) Education in Ph.D. course.
  • Japan
    Hiroyuki Fukui
    Hiroyuki Fukui is a master graduate student at Tokyo Metropolitan University. His research program is to deepen regional understandings in social studies education.
  • Malaysia
    Anisa Yasmin
    Anisa Yasmin is an environmentalist by training. She has long been an eco-advocate owing to her involvement in a children’s environmental NGO. Currently, she works as a project leader for Ecocentric Transitions.
  • Malaysia
    Ong Ke Shin
    Ong Ke Shin is a multidisciplinary community-based researcher committed to both environmental and intangible cultural heritage conservation. A keen proponent of environmental education, she actively volunteers for Water Watch Penang.
  • Myanmar
    Khin Myat Mon
    Khin Myat Mon is a Junior Consultant at Conyat Create, a Sustainable Business Consultancy Firm. She has an experience of project focusing on environmental awareness raising and advocacy.
  • Nepal
    Santosh Bhandari
    Santosh Bhandari has a lot of proven experiences with executing exemplary level of projects, programs and events focusing on disaster management, SDGs and SRHR of young peoples.
  • Philippines
    Armi Rae Salazar Cacanindin
    Armi Rae Cacanindin is an independent film producer in the Philippines who has been gaining exposure in the international film scene. She participated in Busan’s Asian Film Academy, Talents Tokyo.
  • Philippines
    Gemin Louis Carace Apostol
    Geminn Louis Carace Apostol is a primary care doctor, public health advocate, and community worker. He is co-founder iTayo Na! which provides opportunities for out-of school youth to participate social activities.
  • Philippines
    Jerico Roy Santos Germar
    Jerico Roy Germar is a training officer at Center for Disaster Preparedness focusing on Child Centered DRR, Disability Inclusive DRR and Space-based Technology and ICT for DRR.
  • Philippines
    Christian Florendo Gino
    Christian F. Gino is cofounder of ASEAN Peace Project, a community development initiative focused on contributing to the peace and environmental protection efforts in the conflict-affected southern regions of the Philippines.
  • Philippines
    Jemima Claudine Lastierre Rodriguez
    Claudine Rodriguez is primarily a communications designer, with her work spanning multimedia formats. She cofounded Good Code, a coding literacy program aiming to make computer programming more accessible.
  • Thai
    Warittha Wannathong
    Warittha Wannathong is an active and young leader of DRR practitioner. She has been working for almost 10 years with rich experiences in Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction, Social Development and Capacity Building.
  • Thai
    Sarinthip Kukham
    Sarinthip Kukham is a geologist by training since university level until working as governmental officer. She has been engaging in survey and making disaster mapping for geological hazards/ landslides all over Thailand.
  • Thai
    Rawiwan Boonchai
    Rawiwan Boonchai is a nature lover and environmental activist. She has been working actively to determine strategy for mangrove restoration and community based conservation projects with local communities and CSOs.
  • Thai
    Walaiporn Phumirat
    Walaiporn Phumirat is a social activist on environmental concerns. She is one of the emerging young organic farmer who own the nonchemical strawberry farming in Chiang Rai.
  • Thai
    Sahadam Weayusoh
    Sahadam Weayusoh is a Young Muslim leader and he has been working to promote peace building and conflict resolution, as well as to enhance youth empowerment through education promotion on DRR Program.
  • Cambodia
    Sinat Hin
    Sinat Hin is a freelance consultant for Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) for Social Enterprise Projects to help the local people to gain skill from vocational training.
  • India
    Rintu Thomas
    Rintu Thomas is an award-winning Indian documentary filmmaker and enjoys being a collector of stories, books, postcards and experiences for a living. Rintu is recipient of several awards including the National Film Award.
  • Indonesia
    Widy Dinarti
    Widy Dinarti has immense interest in understanding and supporting young people and restless professionals to find and empower their inner strength so that they can improve their lives and contribute to their communities.
  • Indonesia
    Eko Prasetyo
    Eko Prasetyo is interested in children's education and forest environmental issues. He is one of the founders of Children Education Based Community called "Komunitas Jendela Lampung”. His team founded library's shelter at the biggest landfill site in Lampung city.
  • Indonesia
    Rizqia Sadida
    Rizqia Sadida is a full-time illustrator focused on children’s book and a part-time art teacher. She actively involved with voluntary works related to children and education.
  • Indonesia
    Gilang Damar Setiadi
    Gilang Damar Setiadi is a researcher under Disaster, Research, Education, and Management (DREaM) UPN "V" YK. He is a geologist focusing on geology related disasters, and also works as an activist in community-based disaster risk reduction.
  • Indonesia
    Grace Wiguna
    Grace Wiguna is an illustrator and comic artist. She has a Bachelor of Fine. She is currently working as a comic artist, illustrator, and mural artist. Creating art that matters and influences people has been her biggest passion.
  • Japan
    Kei Minoura
    Kei Minoura was based in Berlin, Germany as a freelance artist for 5 years after working at the Moscow City Ballet Company as a dancer for 4 years. He focuses on involving local communities into his activities and performances.
  • Japan
    Yoshiaki Seto
    Yoshiaki Seto went on a “Gomi-tabi(Trash Trip),” a trip around Southeast Asia to interview and cover stories of recycling circumstances. Based on his experiences, he published a book with examples of how creative ideas can lead to unique recycling.
  • Japan
    Akira Sakano
    Akira Sakano is the President of the organization Zero Waste Academy. She works envisioning not only for having "zero" incineration & landfill waste, but also for community development.
  • Japan
    Masashi Tamura
    Masashi Tamura is a member of FAST, a disaster prevention club in Kyoto. He is the last generation who experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. Because of that, he want to promote disaster prevention for children and students.
  • Japan
    Kenichi Tanaka
    Kenichi Tanaka is joining as a Media Fellow from Japan. With his good sense of designing, he built up the “HANDs! Project” website and designed the poster of the project in Japan.
  • Malaysia
    Yeo Li Shian
    Yeo Li Shian is a freelance writer, translator and self-taught artist. As a former health journalist, her work has won Young Journalist Award. An adept storyteller for health awareness, children’s issues, human interest and community journalism.
  • Malaysia
    lee Hui Ling
    Lee Hui Ling is an artist and educator who works at the intersection of social activism, historical and personal narratives. Inspired by her artist parents, she weaves civic and environmental concerns in her work.
  • Myanmar
    Salai Thawng Hlaing Lung
    Salai Thawng Hlaing Lung is a one of the pioneer cartoonist in Myanmar. His background is environmental engineering and currently working as program officer of NGO on environment, sustainable development.
  • Nepal
    Pranab Man Karmacharya
    Pranab Man Karmacharya is a Neuro Physiotherapist. His passion has always been in serving the community. His dream is inclusion of differently abled peoples in disaster preparedness.
  • Philippines
    Victoria Almazan
    Victoria Almazan is currently working as a graphic designer for CNN Philippines. She previously worked with children in Haiyan-affected communities for Plan International Philippines as a Visual Content Producer.
  • Philippines
    Ryan Bestre
    Ryan Bestre is an environmentalist, teacher, performer, writer and renewable energy advocate. He currently works for Solar Pacific, a solar energy company. He volunteers for Greenpeace as an ecological agriculture campaigner.
  • Philippines
    Ralph Lumbres
    Ralph Lumbres is a visual artist, set designer and sculptor currently teaching Fine Arts at Kalayaan College. Ralph has done several set and production design for local project and international project.
  • Philippines
    Gail Padayhag
    Gail Padayhag currently works for Habitat for Humanity Philippines as a Regional Operations Assistant and is a passionate development implementer interested in meaningful collaboration among government, NGOs, and local communities.
  • Philippines
    Juan Miguel Torres
    Juan Miguel Torres is a communications Officer for Caritas Netherlands. Now a Policy Researcher for the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities, he is conducting a study on the role of Energy in Humanitarian Response while taking post-graduate degree.
  • Thailand
    Phongthep Bunkla
    Phongthep Bunkla is a researcher and film-documentary producer from the Northeast region of Thailand, where he has been working as a social activist with marginalized people affected by social injustices ranging from human rights, democracy.
  • Thailand
    Chonlada Janpum
    Chonlada Janpum is a researcher, assistant lecturer, NGOs officer and tour leader in the field of community based eco-tourism. She has numerous experiences dealing with many environmental and eco-tourism projects, mostly in the Northern part of Thailand.
  • Thailand
    Worawas Sabaychai
    Worawas Sabaychai is a training officer with the Makhampom Foundation, developing nonformal education programs through community theater performance. He has worked as a leading facilitator in education training.
  • Thailand
    Praewpon Sukutsathian
    Praewpon Sukutsathian has been working with many community projects across Thailand; focusing on local wisdom and urban planning. She is promoting the involvement of local people in environmental and community revitalization.
  • Thailand
    Worapot Yodpet
    Worapot Yodpet is an undergraduate student. He is currently studying by training as internship of teaching staff at a demonstration school. He is very keen in working to set up risk reduction programs within the community.
  • India
    Bhaswati Thakurta
    A researcher at the Centre for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi where she researches topics related to women and disaster management.
  • Indonesia
    Bonni Rambatan
    He defines himself as a storyteller and works as a copy writer who strives to communicate the testimony of survivors of natural disasters to as many people as possible.
  • Indonesia
    Eva Bachtiar
    An education facilitator who possesses advanced analytical and communications abilities, allowing her to engage effectively with people in remote communities.
  • Indonesia
    Ibnu Mundir
    A program research manager studying disaster risk reduction and disaster response who has worked closely with the local community in the ten years following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  • Indonesia
    Naomi Saddhadhika Setiawan
    A product designer who searches for ways in which urban design and product design can help to improve the lives of socially marginalized people.
  • Indonesia
    Sakti Bimanta
    His interests include humanitarian activities and activities in the area of social engagement. He is a creative director involved in corporate advertising.
  • Japan
    Akira Hasegawa
    He is interested in the application of creative methods for disaster risk reduction and disaster recovery and rebuilding. He is also involved in the hosting of disaster prevention-related exhibits.
  • Japan
    Makoto Sasaki
    A creator of original educational materials for children using interactive performance, storytelling, and illustrations. She is engaged in numerous disaster prevention activities.
  • Japan
    Megumi Fukuhara
    She is engaged in activities involving close engagement with the community, including volunteer work and fundraising following Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.
  • Japan
    Robin Takashi Lewis
    He has worked in disaster recovery and humanitarian aid programs in over 15 countries as the International Coordinator for the Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center.
  • Japan
    Shoka Ota
    Her interests include human security. Her experience includes providing educational support for children in the Tohoku region.
  • Malaysia
    Ashraf Rahman
    A media professional who has participated in humanitarian rescue work in such places as Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and the East Coast of Malaysia.
  • Malaysia
    Christine Cheah
    A journalist who has written widely on human rights issues, including the plight of the Rhingya ethnic group, the human trafficking camps near the border of Thailand, and the Low Yat ethnic riot.
  • Vietnam
    Aung Lin
    He plays a central role in numerous projects, including a program for disaster response for survivors of massive flooding.
  • Nepal
    Bijay Kumar Shahi
    He is proactively involved in social work and NGO activities while working in the research and development department of a company focused on public policy.
  • Philippines
    Ace Victor Aceron
    His personal interests include education, international relations, and sustainable development. He joined the HANDs! Project based on his interest in applying creative approaches without being limited by organizational boundaries.
  • Philippines
    George Soriano
    His interests include infrastructure, disaster reduction, and governance. He holds a Master of Science degree in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and works as an engineer for public works in the Philippines.
  • Philippines
    Mary Margaret Chavez
    Her interests include children’s education, environmental sustainability, and post-disaster rehabilitation. She advocates the need for an inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction.
  • Philippines
    Sarah Salazar
    A member of the Sipat Lawin Ensemble, a contemporary theater company closely involved in the local community. She is professionally involved in the local Filipino art scene.
  • Philippines
    Tristan Nodalo
    His interests include children’s issues, environmental issues, and natural disasters. As a TV producer, he produced a program covering the conditions in Tacloban City following Super Typhoon Haiyan.
  • Thailand
    Arisara Pittayayon
    Her interests include disaster prevention and environmental education for local communities. She works as a graphic designer focusing on social engagement.
  • Thailand
    Mek Sayasevi
    His primary area of interest is working as a social architect. As an architect, he is active in disaster-affected areas such as Chiang Rai and Nepal.
  • Thailand
    Sirinon Suwanmolee
    An education facilitator who carries out disaster surveys and evaluation through close involvement with local communities in disaster-affected areas.
  • Thailand
    Sukumal Surichamorn
    A product designer who designs toys and educational materials.
  • Thailand
    Suwimol Sereepaowong
    She is involved in problems relating to environmental issues as an assistant at the United Nations Development Program in Thailand.
  • India
    Vishal Vasvani
    Project Officer for Human Induced Disasters in Disaster Management Authority, Government of Bihar, India. He works on strengthening institutional frameworks for disaster risk reduction and has strong interest in designing public awareness campaigns.
  • Indonesia
    Dhiptya Wijayanti
    An elementary school English teacher and an activist in a non-profit organization which educates children and families about Disaster Risk Reduction through games. The organization has trained more than 300 schools, offices, hospitals and universities.
  • Indonesia
    Fauzan Abdillah
    Honorary Lecturer at a university Communication Department. He is also a film director in various art scenes. He is highly competent in the fields of Technology Education, Media, Film, Art and Culture, and will make every effort to produce a successful collaborative work among a variety of people.
  • Indonesia
    An Industrial designer. She studied product design at University and believes creative design can change the world. She have been actively engaged on many disaster prevention. Her dream is to create products which can prevent disaster.
  • Indonesia
    Rory Santoso
    Program Manager at a foundation. He is a volunteer and counselor for people with HIV/AIDS and child sex workers. University student in the Communication Faculty.
  • Indonesia
    Vina Puspita
    Painter & illustrator, currently studying Fine Arts in Indonesia and Hungary. She is actively engaged with local communities, focused on children and social issues.
  • Japan
    Jun Fujiki
    He visited Tacloban city, Philippines where was the devastated area by Typhoon Haiyan. He realized disaster prevention plan is sometimes not helpful for the residents. That’s why he have a passion to create helpful disaster prevention plan and move it into action.
  • Japan
    Ko Sato
    University student and project director for improving social sustainability in Japan. He is particularly focused on youth empowerment and entrepreneurship in disaster areas.
  • Japan
    Kokurin Saijo
    University student majoring in African Studies.
    She was very influenced by the way of life of Tsunami victims living in Tacloban, Philippines.
    That is why she visits Tacloban every year to support reconstruction.
  • Japan
    Masayuki Endo
    University student. His home town is in Fukushima, the nuclear accident disaster area. His interest is pursuing improvements in social sustainability as an expert in science and engineering.
  • Japan
    Ryuji Kokuta
    University student majoring in Law. As a member of the younger generation born in a tsunami-affected city, he is exploring approaches to achieve economic independence for tsunami disaster areas.
  • Malaysia
    Choong Merryn
    Graduate with an accounting background. She is actively involved in community service-based projects involving environmental protection and youth empowerment initiatives.
  • Malaysia
    Lum Mun Hoong
    An environmental undergraduate, and Coordinator for the ASEAN Reusable Bag in Malaysia. He is extremely competent and passionate in coming up with environmental solutions.
  • Malaysia
    Yeoh Sing Yuin
    She is working in disaster management, focusing on innovative solutions for humanitarian aid. She won an international award as a documentary photographer. She is also passionate about using film, documentary to create awareness for humanitarian issues.
  • Philippines
    Jose Mario S. Bagulaya
    Tacloban city council member and chairperson of the Committee on Women and Children. She has specialized skills in Gender and Development.
  • Philippines
    Joseph Keith D. Anicoche
    A storyteller, community teacher and performance-maker. He is the artistic director of a contemporary performance company, creating participatory and interactive works with and for communities.
  • Philippines
    Maria Audrea L. Vivo
    She have been involving in program for disaster risk reduction in Catanduanes, Philippines as a project development officer. She have experience to create evacuation route and action plan for emergency. She have been trying to make local people know how to evacuate and reduce disaster risk through the program.
  • Philippines
    Maria Julie Anne T. Culibar
    A humanitarian worker specializing in child protection and disaster risk reduction programs. Advocates the importance of child-youth participation and women’s empowerment, a vital component of community development.
  • Philippines
    Sonny Jacob Q. Lee
    Graduated from university with a degree in Information Systems and got involved in disaster management projects through his course. Now he works at a banking software company and is helping out with the DEEL project, a result of the HANDs project.
  • Thailand
    Nittaya Keeratisermsin
    A TV disaster journalist who has been actively working to disseminate all kinds of disaster preparedness and prevention programs to the general public.
  • Thailand
    Nuttapong Tonhirunmas
    Graphic Designer, Producer, and Visual Experimental Artist at a design company. He focuses on immersive & multimedia design.
  • Thailand
    Panida Tancharoen
    Design Researcher and Toy & Game Designer. She designs toys and games to help solve social issues and improve quality of life, where everyone can enjoy learning through play.
  • Thailand
    Pichapon Robru
    A program associate from an NPO. She has been actively working for disaster risk reduction and community development planning, especially in the earthquake affected areas in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.
  • Thailand
    Thitiphon Sinsupan
    A Program Manager from an international disaster management organization. She has been working for this organization since 2005 and specializes in post-disaster risk management and recovery planning from national to local levels.
  • StarSide Project
  • Knowpal
  • Community Disaster Risk Reduction
  • The Adventures of Bunny & Nao
  • Open Space+
  • DEEL Project
  • Safe Travel Tips
  • KIDSASTER Movie Teller
  • Children Safety Learning Games

We will not recruit new Fellow for this year.


For inquiries or information about HANDs!project, please contact to the local Japan foundation office.

The Japan Foundation
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Tel. (+81 3) 5369 6025
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Diverse Project Team from six countries in Asia support the fellows in their activities.
The Project Team fully supports the Fellows in their effort to make “Hopes and Dreams”
into reality, as leaders in disaster prevention for the next generation. Come work with us!

  • General Project Manager
    Ai Goto Araki
    JF Tokyo
  • Assistant Project Manager
    Purwoko Adhi Nugroho
    JF Jakarta
  • Director General
    Norihisa Tukamoto
    JF Jakarta
  • Indonesia Program Staff
    Jin Fujimoto
    JF Jakarta
  • Thailand Program Coordinator
    Haruka Nakajima
    JF Bangkok
  • Thailand Program Cordinator
    Wathana Onpanich
    JF Bangkok
  • Philippines Program Cordinator
    Tetsuya Koide
    JF Manila
  • Philippines Program Cordinator
    Marc J. Ocampo
    JF Manila
  • Philippines Program Staff
    Rolando Samson
    JF Manila
  • Malaysia Program Staff
    Hiromi Ikeda
    JF Kuala Lumpur
  • Malaysia Program Staff
    Tristan Toh
    JF Kuala Lumpur
  • India Program Coordinator
    Kousuke Noguchi
    JF New Delhi
  • India Program Staff
    Rinki Roy
    JF New Delhi
  • Japan Program Coordinator
    Koji Sato
    JF Tokyo
  • Japan Program Coordinator
    Nami Orimo
    JF Tokyo
  • Japan Program coordinator
    Maki Kudo
    JF Tokyo

Former Project Organizers

  • Erika Hirose
  • Wakao Koike
  • Yukie Mitomi
  • Jagdish Prasad
  • Yasuhiro Takehara
  • Panitnard Tuangsuwan
  • Shunji Tsuji
  • Yasuko Uchida
  • Mio Yachita
  • Tadashi Ogawa
  • Khemal Sundah Prasasti
  • Yojiro Tanaka

Special contribution from HANDs! 2014 Fellows

Ko Sato & Masayuki Endo [website project]

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